Tiger Tuesday Organic Reading Program – SuperDeck Bundle Add-on

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20 different card decks from the Tiger Tuesday Organic Reading Program. helps beginning and young struggling readers succeed while integrating social & emotional learning – SEL.(Grades K-3+)


Tiger Tuesday Organic Reading Program

Following the Nature of the Child

SuperDeck Bundle Add-on

SuperDeck Bundle is designed to complement the Tiger Tuesday Organic Reading Program Teachers Starter Kit.  We recommend one SuperDeck Bundle per 4 students within the pod or classroom.

20 Different card decks corresponding to each of the 7 FunBooks so students can “practice” what they are learning by playing games such as Go-Fish, Memory, Crazy Eights and more (up to 15 different games with each deck).

What teachers and parents have to say about the

“Tiger Tuesday Organic Reading Program”

“All of our students and our teachers benefited tremendously from your program. Thank you.” — Sharon Healy, Head of School Farmington Valley Academy Montessori

“Finally, an engaging reading program that’s so much fun that kids are motivated to read.”— Greg Chahalis, Reading Specialist, Westchester Co., NY

“I love playing Go Fish. I never understood what VCE meant before. Now I know, because when I have the word ‘hop’ it goes with ‘hope.’ VCE is so easy.” — Amanda, 3rd grade

“I homeschool my kids and find it hard to motivate them. They love Tiger Tuesday, so learning to read is all smiles. Thank you.” — Mom, Nassau County, NY

“What I love most about what I’ve seen so far is how excited my student is about the games. Your philosophy about students having fun while learning is a breath of fresh air. Teaching high standards while having fun is a wonderful combination. Always looking for a new approach that can do both.”— Meredith Lippman, Reading Tutor

“My 7 year old daughter, Lila, is a struggling reader. She was just introduced to the Tiger Tuesday Reading Program. Lila was actively engaged in fun reading activities for an hour and forty-five minutes. I know that the Tiger Tuesday program will help my daughter develop a love for learning and reading.” — Melissa Zaug, Speech Pathologist

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