SLG Tutoring Title 2021_3

Do you have a child who needs support now more than ever due to the pandemic?

Every day parents reach out to us because they are worried that their children are facing academic challenges due to the unfamiliar methods of distance learning, inability to focus due to distractions and even fear that their child may have a learning disability.

We want you to know that it’s okay! We’re here to help!

Strong Learning, Inc. has been tutoring students in grades K-12, in all subjects at all levels, for over 45 years.

We know how to identify and support students in this unfamiliar environment and are able to identify learning disabilities such as Dyslexia, Language Processing Disorders, ADHD, Dysgraphia and Dyscalculia.

We work with students both online nationwide and in-person (Westchester and Putnam using strict social distancing practices).


Kathy Farrell

Today my daughter received her SAT scores.  Her total score increased almost 200 points!  The strategies and techniques reviewed in (your) course proved to be extremely effective.  The confidence and preparation you gave her proved to be the difference.

Greg Chahalis, Reading Specialist in Westchester County, NY

“Finally, an engaging reading program that’s so much fun that kids are motivated to read.”

Gregory Tucker, NYC Schools

This book (Why Bad Grades Happen to Good Kids) helps us teacher to revisit the challenges the students of the 21st century face. The author makes it so practical. It leaves an urgency to revamp our methodology of teaching.

Reading tutor, Meredith Lippman

“What I love most about what I’ve seen so far is how excited my student is about the games. Your philosophy about students having fun while learning is a breath of fresh air.”

Michele Renne

Our daughter had been tested years ago by Dr. Linda Silbert, had regular weekly tutoring sessions and comes highly recommended. She is extremely knowledgeable and her gentle and kind demeanor makes her very effective. In addition, she utilizes a unique program to reinforce skills. So glad that we found Strong Learning.

Jessica Rossi

We found Dr. Linda Silbert many years ago for my son who was having trouble reading. She tested him and discovered it was anxiety that was holding him back and not a learning disability. The constant testing and pulling him out of the classroom in first grade was having a devastating effect on his self-esteem…

Kristen Sullivan

I cannot say enough about Dr. Linda Silbert. I feel sometimes it’s not just about the academic component, but the connection she had with my son. My son really connected with her, the anxiety he was feeling in the classroom lifted a little. She spent a lot of time with him, and she really gave…

Jennifer Adel

Dr Linda Silbert’s Tiger Tuesday Reading Program really helped my son. It made learning fun for him!

Wendy G

My daughter was tested and tutored by Dr Linda Silbert and Dr. Alvin Silbert from third grade through college. In addition, the Silbert’s have tested and tutored several of my grandchildren. As a teacher and reading specialist, I could not ask for two more outstanding professionals and educators to work with my family. They give 500%…